When facing difficult times in high school, Savannah could have turned to a lot of places for comfort. But she found the support she needed on a potter’s bench in a ceramics class. And from those high school art classes, she found her passion and God’s call on her life.

Savannah hopes to use her love and talent for art to help other people who are struggling through the profession of art therapy. Art therapy uses the soothing practice of art to bring about healing through counseling. Art therapy can take any form: drawing, sculpting, painting—anything that allows a person to naturally release their emotions through the creative process.

“Art has helped me so much as a person,” Savannah remembers, “And I realized I can help other people through the art process.”

While Savannah is naturally gifted at art—even selling her drawings online and at markets—her degree from Point University in counseling and human services supplies her with the academic and practical knowledge necessary to help people recover from difficult circumstances.

Savannah has personal experience going through counseling and understood first-hand how counselors can help people to grow and understand themselves, God and others better. Though she loved art, she wanted to pursue a degree that would prepare her for future of lasting impact. Whether or not she could use art, she wanted to learn ways that she could help people.

While she could have chosen any art institute, she chose Point because of how it would prepare her professionally and spiritually to live out her passion in the workplace. Through professors and other mentors, Savannah has been encouraged to pursue her God-given calling both inside and outside the classroom.

“Art is a part of my faith because God gave me this ability to spread love through art,” says Savannah. “My favorite part of art is that it’s a meditation time for me to focus on what God has in front of me instead of the craziness in the world.”

Currently, Savannah serves with FEAST campus ministry, caring for other students at Point. You can find her art pieces, often with quotes from worship songs and Bible verses, hung in student dorm rooms throughout campus—one way Savannah is already using her talent to spread love to those around her.