Point Alumnus Receives Gold Stevie Award

Point University alumnus Clint Brooks ’06 was recently awarded a Gold Stevie Award for his work with the Change and Innovation Agency (C!A) in the state of Indiana to help improve the child welfare system.

Established in 2002, the Stevie Awards are nationally recognized business awards open to all organizations in the United States, and they serve to recognize the positive contributions these organizations make to their communities, state and nation.

Change and Innovation Agency is part of the Vimo family of innovation solutions for health and human services. They strive to partner with government agencies to refine processes for a more efficient government, able to accomplish its goals and help people thrive.

“The work of government is noble. The people of government are amazing. The systems of government are a mess. When people in the system—alongside those affected by the system—work together to improve the system, true greatness emerges,” said Ken Miller, founder of C!A.

Because of Clint’s work with C!A, cases in Indiana are being closed in a more timely and improved manner, and the Indiana Department of Child Services offers instantaneous access to supervisors and proper documentation.

Among the many accomplishments of C!A, several of them include reducing the wait time to assess child safety by 50 percent, reducing open caseloads by 65 percent and improving equity through a family-centered practice.

“It’s great when a product innovation serves a need and creates a profitable business; it’s awesome when it also enhances humanity,” said the judge who reviewed C!A. “Change and Innovation Agency aims at determining child safety. They created a centralized unity with the sole purpose of supporting the social worker. They reduced open caseloads of overworked social workers by 65 percent. They added integrity to the process of child safety, and it allowed Indiana to meet the demands throughout the pandemic.”

For more information about the Stevie Awards and the success of C!A in Indiana, watch this video.